Dobroslav’s work “Joy of the heliolater”

Below, please, find an extract from Dobroslav’s work “Joy of the heliolater”, which fully reflects the true Pagan perspective on global eco...

Below, please, find an extract from Dobroslav’s work “Joy of the heliolater”, which fully reflects the true Pagan perspective on global ecological problems and veneration of the Nature. 

How should the modern paganist live, walking on pavement, choking in iron claws of the modern civilization? How not to be surrender? How to fill the life with timeless meaning of enlightenment?

Modern pagans often imitate artificial religions; they often worship dead idols instead of searching path to live elements and live nature. However, artificial temples and and idols stand only for artificial “gods”.

The first opportunity should be used to leave everything behind and unite with nature. It’s unreasonable to blame common escape to the forest, especially now, during the final battle for Russia. But every modern city heathen shall have some way to make a ritual of spiritual renewal, rebirth, even - self-rebirth. Otherwise, the life is about to be a rat race.

This is definitely a difficult path, but there is no failure, there are only ascend stages. Each effort is already a luck. Those who drank the water of Life, no longer need logic, philosophy, different sorts of clues and studies, as well as evidence of self-righteousness. What such person needs is THE ONLY NATURE.

The reasons of human suffering most often are internal rather then internal ones. For us, there is nothing more essential but what happens in our hearts. At the end, all of the diseases have absolutely the same root cause and it is soul discord with itself. First and foremost, human must be at peace with Mother Nature for the soul to stay at peace.

The joy of sympathetic communion with Nature is obviously HEALTHY, if this communication is not merely a health mean, but a spiritual and physical need, without which anything is needed. A Loving Heart, full of emotions, sends vibes full of life, and receives pleasure in return. Is there anything that could be more delightful and refreshing?

Definitely, there should be no intermediaries between the human and Nature. Heathens don’t need any sort of confessors. Everything that is impure, flawed, stinking, itself leaves our minds and subconscious in process of communication with Nature. The only fact of possibility of contemplation, perception, beholding of Nature’s Beauty fills the soul with quiet veneration and purges all the secondary and unnecessary thoughts. You joy because you feel the Nature, Universe, but not just able to think.

Nature gives us a great gift - childishly unsophisticated Joy of Being, which sets you on the way to health, mind enlightenment. It also brings mystical experiences, which are usually identified as religious ecstasy.

Human begins to feel the soul, which is immortal, inexhaustible, and has limitless power and possibilities. Surprisingly, human reaches the highest of moral values. Previously abstract and or even obscure, now sorcerers teachings acquire a LIVE meaning. TEARS OF JOY are the first sign of luck…

Once visited a human, the feel of the union with VERNACULAR LIGHT FORCES, visits him again and again. This urge is irresistible. Sometimes, it seems that this delight is a remembrance of the GREAT PRIMITIVE KINSHIP, of the unity of microcosm and macrocosm - of human and universe.

The acquisition of fragrant blooming trees spirit is so perfect, so that every of the “forbidden fruits” of modern civilisation fade away, so as church candle fades out in the afternoon Sunshine. This is an indication of the Nature: spiritual strength can be found and increased through inhalation and inspiration. Just note that words “spiritual” and “inspiration” are cognates. And the root here is spirit and life.

I want to keep and save this spiritual acquisition in everyday bustling. But, city gnashing drowns foliage whisper. Anyone who has heard the call of nature should become a heathen, even though he was baptized once. He is a heathen to the core, although he hasn’t heard anything of paganism and didn’t meet with heathens before (not to mention that fact, that he doesn’t call himself a heathen). The only way to understand live and spiritualized nature is to develop and strengthen spiritual in yourself, because the essence of both is identical.

The only soul, arisen to merge with Nature, became aware of all Her infinite power can know all the secrets and mysteries of Nature. The integration of our spirit with the Spirit of Nature (Race) to the union is a cure from all of the evil. Only the man of integrity survives death.

Life is a greatest gift. Be sure you manage it right. It’s easy to commit evil (say, cut a christmas tree), because the evil is the only destruction of kindness. It’s much harder to commit kindness (say, plant a tree) as it has to be created. It is even more difficult to plant a tree not only for the sake of practical utility and beauty, “not for the cunning, not for the sake of goodness” but only for the KINDNESS.

All the “Red books” are morally untenable due to their ultimate goal to save animals and plants exclusively for the welfare of human. Indeed, it’s forbidden to hunt for white swans, however, not for the sake of swans, but only to satisfy a need to admire beauty.
Anyone who picks a flower shortens its’ life. Anyone who guards defenseless quivering breath is poured by vitality. This isn’t a naive superstition and not a beautiful fairytale. It’s a practical experience and the main outcome of all observations and reflections of Dobroslav.

Mother Nature is good sorceress for every loving heart, but she turns out from the heartless, leaving them alone with their inconsolable sorrows and illnesses.

DO KINDNESS AND LIVE IN JOY. The Joy will be the only reward for you, compared to which every other is worthless. At the meantime, such people are a drop in the sea of dupe and depersonalized population. From another note, there’s not much of substance needed to start vivifying fermentation in dough. Western Judeo-materialistic civilization stinks, as it is out of the usefulness. Souls of people are tormented without a fresh, solar wind of JOYFUL LUCK.

Irrational, despite daily penetration of the precise sciences and rationalism, doesn’t disappear, but on the contrary, rising in more distinct outlines. Despite the human missions to the moon and all of the "progress", the sense Universe’s mistery does not decrease, but increases, it becomes more acute, desperate and painful. So, it turned out that the stars are not souls of the angels, but entire worlds, that our planet Earth is in the boundless space. It takes incredibly huge time for the light of distant worlds reaches us. Moreover, there’s a special psychiatric term - “fear of infinity” for a fleeing human mind which stumbles, being powerless to comprehend both finite and infinite sides of being. Insane and vertiginous, abyss of space suppresses our imagination: abyss is bottomless, and the human has no calmness. The only way to break the vicious circle and get away out from the materialistic nightmare is to throw off flat judeo-christian perception. This parasitic way of exsanguination of Nature let to what is called “ecological catastrophe” in veiled form. In fact, that is matricide - the ritual killing of LIVE EARTH. The revival of paganism is definitely the response to the nuclear age, to nature consuming capitalism and its’ bazaar-market “commonly accepted” (judeo-christian) “values”. Now world needs spiritual renewal more than ever. The only way to salvation is to revert to the original wisdom religion - ADORATION OF THE NATURE.

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