The law of blood

  Much has been written after the war on the NS  racial policy but few have understood its essence. Almost everyone has emphasized the pure...


Much has been written after the war on the NS  racial policy but few have understood its essence. Almost everyone has emphasized the purely biological interpretation of it, without realizing that this was only part of the propaganda. If we analyze in depth the German policy of the thirties, we realize how the race was not a goal but a means of legislation. The real purpose of that policy was not to give birth to a race of tall, blond and gym's muscly ones.

The goal was much higher: to resurface the Weltanschauung, what is, the World Vision of the ancient Germanic people. It was to resurface the Germanic-European spirit , clouded for centuries but still very present in the unconscious of the " homo europeus".

Vision of the world that was radically opposed  to the one that was prevailing at that time, even in religious matters. Let's read what Johann Chapoutot wrote  in his "The Law of blood": "The Germanic religiosity is characterized primarily for the proximity between the divine and mankind. In middle Eastern religions (Judaism, Christianity ...), God is a powerful lord and man a faithful slave : in Semitic languages, the verb comes from praying abad root meaning to be a slave.

Humility before God, as preached by these religions, it is quite alien to the Hindi-Germanic spirit, is an effect of oriental piety: for it is not the servant of his master, the Hindi-Germanic  man prays for the most part not on his knees and looking towards the ground, but standing, looking up, palms facing the sky, where the posture of prayer statue to Apollo, so often evoked in NS publications, provides the best example. "

Vision of the world that was not just about the German people but about the entire Old Continent. The aim, not declared explicitly, but sought with perseverance and determination, was to latch on to the ancient vision of European classicism, where body and soul were not two separate and distinct entities but were intersecting each other, belonging to the same reality. Still Chapoutot wrote about it: "The separation between the so nefarious down here and the hereafter, between body and soul, between matter and spirit, was unknown to the Germans. It has 'been necessary for ascetic spirits mattered who came from this disease in Europe because the German man, alienated and deprived from nature within himself, was sinking in misery: Christianity brings with it the sinful character of the meat. Any separation between the body and the soul, however, is foreign to the German pay, just as foreign to the classical Greek or to Goethe.

As evidenced by the art and Greek civilizations, or the work of Goethe, eternal Germanness is hostile to these Eastern imports: the ideal of the mortification of the flesh for the soul advantage, the notion of a body that would be a prison ' the soul finds in the Germanic Sigfried an even more irreconcilable antagonist from the  greek in Apollo. "

As you can see, it was indeed a sharp and irreconcilable opposition between two different visions of the world. However, we clarify a point. We are not saying that the first accounts for the Good and the other for Evil.

This would be a typical Manichean interpretation of the biblical mold. It is about two opposite ways of being in relation to Life and World. Belong long to one or another is determined by our deepest being and racial imprinting. Nay, more: take sides with one or the other Front is a concrete demonstration of belonging, we dare say almost carnal, to their Weltanschauung. As Nietzsche wrote, recovering an ancient saying of Pindar, "you become what you are."

Warning of extreme relevance in a period like ours, characterized by the phenomenon (nefarious) of immigration.

On one hand the apostles of the unifying and genocidal globalism; on the other all those who oppose, defending the identity of all peoples, to preserve biodiversity in the world. Paradoxically, or at least in appearance it is not according to the dictates of political correctness, the former are racist, others not. One fact affirms the superiority of (pseudo) Western civilization, to which all peoples yearn and should submit in their lifestyle; others, on the contrary, defend the diversity and the right / duty to remain anchored to their land and to their ancestral heritage.

In short, as we said at the beginning, often the reality is quite different from how we want to represent it. That's why we have to laugh when we hear politicians who call themselves "identitarians" to speak of integrated immigrants in the uses and customs of the land that hosts them. This is exactly the desire of Merkel,Valls, Boldrini and all their EU  companions: a shameless melting pot, destroyer of all ethnic groups and all nations, a modern form of land and coveted communism. The same, incidentally, much desired by capitalism stateless person who wants us all reduced to consumers larvae.

That's why it is our duty not only to preserve our biological identity by opposing the allogeneic invasion, but also our specific culture (hindi) European. The two battles go hand in hand and both are essential. To eat kebab or junky of McDonald's food is equivalent: in both cases, our identity resulting defeated.

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