David Miatt: Why racialism is right?

David Miatt: Why racism is right? Racism is right, because it is the will of the Nature. Racism does Nature's work, helping it to sa...

David Miatt: Why racism is right?

Racism is right, because it is the will of the Nature. Racism does Nature's work, helping it to save the most important creatures, that were being developed for thousands of years. The simple truth about racism tells us, that racism is the way of Nature, trying to preserve it's children. In this way, racism helps further evolution, in case of different raves live separate from each other. The simplest truth about so called " anti - racism " is : this way is not natural, not healthy and dangerous. Antiracism supports destroying of the Nature, it is anti- evolution. One of the Nature's laws is that, one kind of creatures should grow stronger, while the other should die, become destroyed or find the other place to be wealthy. The good Nature's example is harvesting. This harvest should grow as a food. It was sawn by you in the correct area, because you don't want you did not want something to parasite on your future food. That means, that you try to control all the weed and pests - the things, that could harm your harvest and leave you without food. So, you will be cut the weed time to time ( if you use the organic harvesting method ) or control them with some other method, which is, obviously, - killing them. Simple fact - the future harvest could become your or their meal. You could " love " some weeds and find them useful, as a part of Nature and allow them to grow in some other place, other field. But you, of course, won't allow the weeds to grow in your own harvest, and you are not interested in weed's " feelings ". You simply destroy them. You would feel like annoyed , if some government worker would tell you, that you could do nothing to remove this weeds and you break the law, when you announce, that you actually hate weed. Besides, this government man say that, if you wouldn't stop, he would take you to jail, because you have committed crime against the order. If the court would name you guilty, you'll be imprisoned for several years. This government man want you to allow weeds to prosper, while eating your own harvest, because government wants your harvest and weeds to live together. And what's more, you should better not touch you new neighbors at all, because they also have their " rights ", and if you will insult their feelings, government will name you guilty and imprison you. But you know well, that a good harvest could not exist with a whole field of weeds. Because weeds would take a control over your field and you will become a whole harvest of weed, but not a seeds, you've saw.

This is a good example of un-natural madness, that is being supported by world's governments with their antiracist laws and multinational social programs. This is true, that Zionists have created a sick society, in which we, actually, live. The other races do exist because we feed them with the lands we have conquered with our struggle and blood for our future generations to live there. Zionists are people, who have washed our brains with their un-natural theories of racial hatred and racial equality, in attempt to prevent us their society. Society, created on such ideas in unhealthy and will be soon self- destroyed, because such society harms the Nature. We, human, are the creatures of Nature and we live under it's law. If we will forget this simple truth and continue mixing of the races, we will die.

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