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Allach Pottery  The small porcelain factory located in the suburb of Munich – Allach, was founded at the beginning of 1935 by the potter'...

Allach Pottery 

The small porcelain factory located in the suburb of Munich – Allach, was founded at the beginning of 1935 by the potter's master Franz Nagy. First of all the factory was aimed at production of decorative and art porcelain, including special orders from the government that wanted "to bring up" and develop new German art taste. The same aim was pursued by mass release of house ceramics and the organization of special section of ware. 
Here we want to light animalistic works of this porcelain factory which made special success and took not the last place in production.
It is necessary to tell that The subject of animals was one of the most favourite in art of the Third Reich. So, for example, in 1937 in Berlin was held the exhibition of works of an animalistic genre "from the 19th century up to now". Embodiment of the subject have caused a big resonance in the press. Moreover, at the state level the idea howto properly represent animals was created. The speech of the director of the Berlin zoo was very indicative. He spoke that people need to know a structure and animal habits that wasn't observed in vanguard art of the 1920th years (first of all, in the German expressionism).
The image of animals became a peculiar expression of the idea of proximity of the German people to the nature — with requirements of credibility and realism. It is known that the highest ranks of a Reich were opponents in principle of hunting, considering that it breaks natural state of the nature. After the end of war it was planned to enter a number of laws on conservation and animals. At the national level not naturalistic image of animals wasn't approved — improbable color, with the wrong anatomy, the distorted proportions. The law on protection of national symbols, which also animals were among was published.
The animals produced by Porzellan Manufaktur Allach became, perhaps, the unique products which were fabricated for broad sale and deserved really national love, first of all because of credibility and recognition of an image.
The outstanding animalist Theodor Kernerwas is considered as the best master of production. Undoubtedly that special "style of Ninfenburg" in the image of animals was generally formed because of his works. This style was noticed and appropriately estimated by contemporaries. The excellent specialist in porcelain doctor Otto Pelka in the book Keramik der Neuzeit ("Ceramics of the present") which appeared in 1924 wrote: "… color and a form are perfect. Animals and the nature have the right to be demanded in art. Sensitive weighing of all requirements are important for Kerner's art. And if we will estimate his rich career, then it will become clear that he managed to mitigate naturalism of a form to that degree when it doesn't break general art perception".
Decorating dressers, fireplaces, buffets and other objects, they promoted creation of a cosiness and sincere atmosphere in strictly regulated situation of the dwelling of the true German, were some kind of analog of Meissen porcelain plasticity. Domestic, wild and exotic animals enter the range of this, perhaps, the most extensive group of products. The majority of figures were white. However magnificent examples of other color figures are emphasized once again by excellent quality and the highest skill of Allach sculptors.


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