Viktor Schauberger. "To understand the nature and imitate it."

Viktor Schauberger. "To understand the nature and  imitate it." Schauberger was the developer of "vortex" technology...

Viktor Schauberger. "To understand the nature and imitate it."

Schauberger was the developer of "vortex" technology, which opens broad prospects in various spheres of human activity. With their help it is possible to purify water from harmful impurities, regulate the state of rivers, increasing the amount of fish, to float wood by water, without causing environmental damage. In addition, he invented the plow, which reduces the damage from metal penetration into the soil to a minimum. According to the statements of some researchers, in 1934 Schauberger met Adolf Hitler, and then participated in the development of aircraft for the Third Reich, the principle of which was also in the "twist" of energy. Viktor Schauberger completely as a pagan believed the Earth to be a living being, water to be its blood, that carries energy and information, both creative and destructive. It is worth mentioning that Schauberger, also, was the founder of the eco-protective organization "Grünen Front" ( "Green Front").

Now Schauberger’s technology is mainly used only by enthusiasts and small organizations, because corporations and financial bosses do not want to lose their profits, for the sake of nature.
However, such scientists should make up a scientific elite of healthy white society.

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