5 differences between NS and anti-fascist ecologism

1 . The majority of eco-anarchists, anarcho-primitivists, and other representatives of the leftist ecologism - traditionally militant athe...

1. The majority of eco-anarchists, anarcho-primitivists, and other representatives of the leftist ecologism - traditionally militant atheists. Often, they deny not only any organized religious system as an institution of repression (which, of course, is often the case), but in principle the need of the sacred metaphysical experience.
Primitivists are considered as the ideal of a society of hunters and gatherers, destroyed by the Neolithic revolution, which occurred as a result of the transition to an agrarian culture - the cultivation of plants and the domestication of animals. With something we could agree, but primitivists declare evil too such components of the Neolithic revolution, as the development of ritualism - that is, occurrence of mythological, mystical understanding of ourselves and the world. In a negative way primitivists see the symbolic culture - language and art. For anarcho-primitivists, such as John Zerzan, a benchmark is a human being in general is no different from the animal, not capable of feeling to the religious life, the embodiment of beauty through creativity, to create a mythology. Zerzan and other primitivists admire Bushmen, who are deprived of religious rites and the agrarian culture. However, even the Bushmen have an idea of ghosts, sorcerers, who communicate with these spirits and language to transmit from generation to generation, tales and legends of the ancestors. It turns out, even the Bushmen is not enough animals for anarcho-primitivists who wants absolutely literally the beast-man ("pashu" in Sanskrit).
Our position is quite different. The confrontation between man and nature is the result of the loss of the sacred mystical vision that gave meaning to every phenomenon in the world. And only the deification of Nature, which has been lost due to semitisation of inner world of the Europeans, can make a person an organic part of it again. No need for it to cease to speak and start to crawl on all fours (by the way, it is in this direction and moves humanity), we just need to feel a huge molecule of a living organism. So we focus not on the primitive societies of other races, have survived, but on the experience of nature worship by our ancestors, Russian and European pagans. Materialism it is not acceptable for us, because it has become one of the causes of the destruction of the Earth by mankind. You can quote the words of a representative of the Green Wing Greek Golden Dawn: "The leftists and the hippies tried to assign the ecological movement, but their work has led them to the desire to identify people with animals and plants. Our love of Nature is different: the protection of the environment is the basis of our Race. "

2. Eco-leftists, eco- and animal-defenders is often put on a par the protection of all "humiliated and insulted" - sexual and national minorities (aspiring to most), and others. Indeed, it is absurd to fight the System, defending her own generation - perversion and multiculturalism. It is not clear, what this has to do with protection animals and nature. Here is what has wrote on this occasion leftist’s favorite Ted Kaczynski, "Leftist is focused on the collective large-scale ... He often takes a moralistic tone. He tends to advocate for gun control, for sex education and other psychologically "enlightened" educational methods for social planning, for affirmative action, for multiculturalism. He is prone to self-identification with the victim. He is against the competition and violence, but he often finds excuses for those leftists who commit violence.
" No self-identification with the victim in our view cannot be. We have to be strong to fight for our ideas. Protection of Nature is a normal consequence of the pagan and NS worldview, worldview of the strong man, not the hysterical cries of the raped victim. Our position has nothing to do with tolerance and patience.

3. Leftist animal-defenders are usually advocate liberal organizations such as WWF and GreenPeace, for the preservation of certain animal species, plant species at risk of extinction. But at the same time, both ideological groups deny the intrinsic value of such concepts as race and advocate ideas of racial mixing, in which consequence is the complete disappearance of the individual nations with their unique and inimitable anthropological, spiritual, cultural traits from the face of the Earth. Ecological thinking national-socialist sees the problem on a larger scale, for him is the disappearance of rare species of animals, insects, species, deforestation and extinction of peoples - links in a chain - a consequence of the devastating phenomena as GLOBALIZATION. That’s why we are – anti-globalists! Anti-fascists against globalization, too, but (here's the paradox), speaking against all ethnic and national, they only contribute to it. That’s why we are not only for the preservation of all kinds of animals and plants, but also against the extinction of the White Man! From this comes a concept of Blood and Soil - such a natural position for the pagans and national-socialists - treat Mother Nature is not unfounded, as an immigrant, but respectfully and reverently, as a Mother, nurtured thousands of his ancestors, and gives life to his descendants, feeling a link in this endless chain.

4. Anti-fascist’s struggle for the rights of animals has a humanistic background. Fur farms compared to the death camps, the torturers of animals - with "fascists". This is preposterous, firstly because of NS-Germany – the first state seriously attended to the rights of animals, and secondly, because the stories about the "evil fascists", as long ago was clear to any educated and adequate man, - is the propaganda program, implemented by so hated by anti-fascists System, in the immature minds from an early age (another anti-fascist paradox!) Equalization of humans and animals is generally unacceptable for us, as well as any other artificial adjustment. The man is above the animal only because of understanding his activities. It doesn’t make him "the king of nature", but it imposes a great responsibility, including the relation to the animal world. Propagandists, comparing the suffering of animals at the farm with the people in the death camps, are calling for humanism. The humanism is disgusting for us, as a product of the era of decadence, obsessed on the value of the individual, anyone individual - even the last degenerate. So, any animal is more valuable to us than the man-degenerate. We are not against experiments on humans, if you so need them, fortunately, there are more than enough material. Or on those, who wants the experimental results. But don’t touch the animals!

5. Despite the fact that the ecological initiative after World War II was intercepted by leftists, we have a long tradition of weaving racially-national and ecological ideas. It also German fёlkishe - vegetarians, the youth movement "Migratory Birds" and the National Socialist program of animal protection. But, first of all, it is the succession of the ancient pagan worldview of our ancestors. In fact, the whole leftist ecological discourse originates in subcultural movements - hippies, pacifists, smoothly flowing into modern subcultural realities – antifa-hardline and veganism. However, we have Adolf Hitler, Savitri Devi, Richard Wagner, Konrad Lorenz, these names are enough. The only valuable character, relevant to the leftist ecologism is prince-anarchist Peter Kropotkin, who wrote an interesting book about mutual assistance in the animal world - "Mutual Aid as a factor in evolution." By the way, the importance of the nation Kropotkin (and Bakunin too) did not deny, unlike his contemporary "followers." Even Dave Foreman, founder of "Earth First!" has left his organization after converting it into the leftist party.

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