Arne Ness’s deep ecology

Arne Ness’s deep ecology The doctrine about the nature disturbed great minds of mankind from antiquity. Without reflections about the na...

Arne Ness’s deep ecology

The doctrine about the nature disturbed great minds of mankind from antiquity. Without reflections about the nature people would not cut a spark from a stone, would not think of meaning of life, i.e. would not raise questions what there is a person, what there is a world around, what there is a metaphysics which is above the nature. However the ecology was arranged as science only in the 20th century.

Specifics of origin of ecologistic ideology such is that her kernel was based on extreme understanding of the person and the nature. Extreme in the sense that the person appeared the soldier of the nature overstepping the bounds of social life. In the West there is a current representing an environmentalism is "deep ecology". The term has been offered in 1970 by Arne Ness, the Norwegian philosopher, the climber and the expert on the doctrine of Gandhi.

“The deep ecology” of Arne Ness assumes equality of values of social and natural life. The nature is not a resource and not a product from which it is possible to extort all juice; the nature is a part of the person which the science and progress do not dare to touch. “The deep ecology” does not assume refusal of the civilization benefits, she suggests to be limited in consumption.
The idea of “deep ecology” is contrast of "superficial ecology". Unlike movement in environment protection which eliminates only symptoms of ecological degradation, being engaged in sporadic cleaning of the rivers and lakes for the sake of welfare of society, the deep ecology betrays to doubt bases of society of the industrial growth as such. She is also inclined to doubt apropos the concepts of jewish-christianity and Marxism according to which the person is a masterpiece and the highest value. More weighed assessment of our appointment as members of huge viable society of Earth is in exchange offered. Ness says that Mankind has to understand that his industrial activity has reached the level posing threat to the ecosphere of Earth and as a result to him it has to change philosophy, policy, ethics of the existence on Earth. The “deep ecology” confirms that we can tear with specific arrogance which threatens not only to ourselves, but also all life forms on Earth.
The main ideas of deep ecology worked by followers of Ness consist in the following:

a) the nature is not only a resource for any exploitation for the sake of needs of people;
b) the ecosphere as complete system in the valuable relation above each its separate part;
c) wellbeing and prosperity of human and inhuman life on Earth valuably in itself (or, in other words, possesses intrinsic value);
d) the value of the inhuman world is not determined by its usefulness for the person.

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