Agriculture without harm to the Nature

Agriculture without harm to the Nature Modern agriculture is a continuous war against the Nature. As if life goes on one way and mankind...

Agriculture without harm to the Nature

Modern agriculture is a continuous war against the Nature. As if life goes on one way and mankind on opposite. The person spends many forces going against natural processes for example fighting against weeds. In various ways of natural agriculture we can see regenerative processes which correspond to natural. Without intervention of a difficult technique and chemical fertilizers.
Many people apply system of natural agriculture on their gardens to provide itself with healthy food products already . What features has natural agriculture and what it differs from regular habitual agriculture traditional for us?

First of all there is conscious respect for the earth mutually beneficial cooperation with it taking into account its laws. Also main feature of natural agriculture is obtaining of quality products – ecologically safe, useful and tasty vegetables, berries, greens without use of chemicals. An integral part of reasonable agriculture is replacement of hard manual labor on intellectual - it is the correct arrangement of beds, handling of the soil and care of plants in consent with the Nature.
As well as in the nature, on a garden there has to be a variety of plants, even on one bed several cultures are combined. Such combination will allow to save space of our beds, water and food in the soil and plants–satellites. Also fragrant herbs and flowers still help each other useful substances, protect from diseases and wreckers and create favorable conditions.

In natural agriculture the soil is in the center of attention. The fertile soil must be rich with organic substances which earthworms, microorganisms and other soil living creatures eat. Only in the live soil mineral elements under the influence of moisture, warm and soil inhabitants are passed into a helpful form for plants. Besides, a basis of fertility of the soil is its porosity: she has to be similar to a sponge which contains at the same time large amount of nutrients, water and air. And for creation and preservation of porosity soil is processed with special garden tools (for example Yeomans's plow), sow plants – green manure after which roots the set of channels is formed and also her surface is covered with the mulching material. The mulch is a surface layer from crushed hay, straw, leaves which as the blanket preserves the soil against drying, formation of a crust on a surface after rains, suppresses weeds and gives nutrients at decomposition.

Revolutional landowner Zepp Holzer in one of the addresses writes: "Provide yourself on the place of another — plants, animal, and also the person — and ask yourself a question - would you feel well on its place. If the earthworm feels well then the earth is healthy. Also the plant and an animal feel perfectly if they can live in a suitable biotope and on freedom. You will always have an advantage and huge success if you correctly manage opportunities. It is necessary to derive benefit from the soil, but not to exploit. A variety, but not sameness supports an ecosystem. Your task in Creation — to operate, but not to fight. The nature is perfect. There is nothing to improve. If you decide to make it then it will be self-deception. The nature is perfect and mistakes are made only by us — people. The fear in you is inspired. Be exempted from him because fear is the worst satellite in life.

And we completely agree with him because system of agriculture is also preserving, regenerating, organic. There is nothing new. Everything is copied from the Nature. Only the close attention to her experience is necessary. We will develop this subject and tell how it is better for to organize farm. We hope that this post will help you on the way to more ecological and intelligent form of life!

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