GLF Manifesto: 10 points

The position of  Greenline Front 1. We are fighting for reducing of using animals for mass industry and, at first - reducing meat eatin...

The position of  Greenline Front

1. We are fighting for reducing of using animals for mass industry and, at first - reducing meat eating. We become our brotherly and sympathetic attitude to animals from indo-european pagan tradition. We have our unity in Mother- Nature and we do not kill and torment our brothers, following our egoism. Besides this, we suppose that, in modern reality, a man can stay wealthy without eating animals. Wherein we are calling you to turn back to simple, primitive way of life, where, possibly, we would have no alternative meal, that we have today. And people, who call themselves " predators " would have their chance to proof it in fight with their future " food ".

2. We struggle against hunting and fishing , as a sport or fun activity. Of course, we could not blame hunting as a only way of surviving. This point is topical for small ethnicities, who live their forefathers ways for hundred of years. Animals are brothers, teachers and gods for such people, and, while killing beasts, this people do not break the Nature's law. You can not say the same about fat citizen - " predators ", who can feel themselves as a man only after a non-sense murder of a beautiful animal, and they should do their photo with a corpse of it. In the world, we want to see, the only way of collecting meat would be a honest hunting without using technical devices.

3. We are strictly contra vivisections and using animals as a experimental ground. Innocent animals should not suffer for human's interests. We can not reach our profit, tormenting other creatures. We think, that there is no arguments " pro " vivisection. Human's health? But it is the modern way of life, that has lead a man to such a low level of immune system and tolerance for different diseases. And the same people, that lead us to " brighter future " of progress, exploding our health with chemical food, GMOs Nd anti- natural way of living, give us a medicine, that is produced with animal- tormenting experiments. It is obvious, that the evil is hiding bot in human diseases, but in their reasons. What's more, medical drugs, that prolong a creature's living, that hardly could be named as people, take a man of the natural selection way, that is common for every living creature on the Earth. And then, people produce defective children, destroying a quality of mankind. Vivisection is a murder of beautiful, non- defective animal for a corrupted human. We see is as a strike against Nature. If experiments would
Be possible - the only object of it should be a man. First of all it is more objective, if talking about the final result, then it is practically useful for prisons, because they would have no need to keep rapists, pedophiles and mentally retarded people.

4. We are fighting against using animals as an object of fun in circuses. This is an exploitation and slavery. Animals are being forced to do some tricks, unusual for them just to entertain people crowds. We suppose that tamera and circus owners should find justifull judgement. The same we can say about zoos. Zoos are animal prisons. But animals, which were placed in their cages, are not criminals! Zoos are, also, absolutely anti- natural organizations. Far away from their natural environment, went to the mechanized cities, a man tried to get there a piece of nature, to admire
It, staying on the other side of glass- cage. We are against it! This is not rightly for reservations and zoos, that could preserve animal populations. We want to live in the world, where man should not put a free creature to a cage, if he wants to see an animal.

5. We are contra multiculturalism and globalization. Every ethnicity and every race is unique and preserving of it's identity is the main goal in the realities of modern living. But we do bot cover the violence with a folk - traditions as corrida, killing whales in Norway etc.

6.We do bot accept a common treat to an environment and animals. Everything, that exist in the Nature, has a sense, despite human's needs.

7.We are the followers of primitivising of living reality and reducing common people's needs. Humanity produce a lot of useless things, destroying the Nature and increasing the amount of waste. Single- use stuff for single-use people harm and pollute our planet. In nowadays situation we call everybody to the willing decrase of using disposable things and it's recycling. We see our future without such needs.
8.We think that fighting for White Race's and our people survival, as a form of a Nature's being, is necessary. We also suppose that other ethnicities and races have a right to live a proper life. It would be absurdly to say, that wolfes are better, than hares or leopard is better, than antelope. Every creature in the Nature has it's own place and it must fight for it's specie's preservance. But, it is also obvious, that number of people, living on the Earth is just inconceivable. For the last 100 year a man has destroyed more living creatures, than he has destroyed for thousands years of his existence before it. Catasrophic pollution and destroying the Nature are the direct effect of overpopulation. Such crowd of people just has no place to live on our planet. In search of food and better living conditions, people immigrate from one country to another, breaking cultural and ethnic tradition of the place, they have come to. Of course, we should also say, that the most horrible damage for the Nature is the civilization, we live in. We can't call it White of European, because there is nothing White or European left here. This judo-christianic civilization, based in Europe and the USA. This civilization is the reason of coming ecological collapse. This is the civilization of quantity, but not quality. The enormous number of creatures, that have lost their racial, national and cultural codes, not seeing nothing, that could be more important, than following their own vices, is destroying the Nature's recources, which were saved by our ancestors, forests are being cutted down, the whole species of living creatures are being destroyed. Wherein the quality of a man is getting lower and lower. In our future we see an opposite situation. The amount of people living should be decreased, to not to harm the Nature and animals, and every folk should go it's unque ethnic and cultural way. If we would be talking about " how to realise all this ideas? ", so we could name the coming back to the natural selection, or an escape from humanism, and giving up attempts to save the life of retarded people, a forced castration of those human, who could cause a damage for a societie's gene pool.

9. We think, that cities in their nowadays situation are not a natural living condition for our people. City, that stays away from the Nature, that has appeared as a trade - center, center of all nations and races gathering, that have their unity in the chasing of material profit, city that has become a shelter for a political power holders, such city can not be a home for free european spirit.
Modern megapolises are the real monsters or the cancer tumors on the Earth's ground, multicultural Babylons, that exhaust the Nature's recourses to have their profit and attract it's commoners. The most of megapolises can not even be imagined as livable, they are controlled by government services and can not feed theirselves and make themselves safe. Does it look like our ancestor's living ? Our ancestors were barbarians. And there is nothing shameful in this word. It is people of antique civilization, and their christian heirs, who made this word mean something bad, but their, antique, civilization, died because of it's love to comfort and urbanization. Our slavic forefathers ( also german - scandinavian ) have had no civilization in nowadays understanding of this word, our barbarian ancestors were living by the law of Nature. So we want to become barbarian once again! We are sure, that we have to turn back to the simple way of living on the Earth. The perfect realization of our idea is complete turn to hunting and collecting herbs. But, at least, turning back to the farming, ( without using animals ) would be a great step to natural way of living.

10. We react negatively on such thing, as a technical progress, because most of it's products did not bring nothing, except reducing the quality of human being and destroying the environment. We suppose, that all inventions, that do harm for animals and the Nature should be rejected and the human activities in such spheres should be strictly controlled. In the struggle of Nature's and human's interests, we should always support Nature. What's more, we understand, that a man's mind could not be tamed and forced to abandon some of the most popular inventions. We think, that a balance could be found between people's needs and harming the Nature and animals. The true scientists, that think as a Nature's friends, have always existed, but they were accepted as a "not-widely-known" scientists, because of their inventions was harming the Government's interests. For example, we could name such people as Nicola Tesla and Victor Schauberger. Such scientists shall be needed in the future's world.

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