Interview to Via Dolorosa NSBM band

Interview with v.o.n. Brahma FSS, leader of Via Dolorosa, Italian NSBM band.   1) Let’s start with a presentation of Via Dolorosa for those ...

Interview with v.o.n. Brahma FSS, leader of Via Dolorosa, Italian NSBM band.


1) Let’s start with a presentation of Via Dolorosa for those who still don’t know you. How the project was born, which ideas it bears, the huge musical production, the goals you have. 

Via Dolorosa was officially born in 1999 but the original basic idea was born in 1996. When I served in the army (in a not suspect period) I felt a deep disgust for the sick turn black metal and extreme music in general were taking… too much clean recordings for a genre deliberately born “dirt” and rock star attitude… I decided it was time to try to say my opinion! I started to look around me to find people motivated to follow my project but unfortunately in that period the human material was… of poor quality… the reason for which the first demo came out few years after the band formation although lyrics and songs were already made. We choose a recording deliberately dirtier and rougher than the average of the demos that came out in that period (2000/2001). The demo was recorded with direct recording and with “right the first time” philosophy, with the tape player of the guitarist (Swastyka)… we didn’t use microphones… the vocals were recorded playing the tape on another stereo while the singer screamed near the speakers of the tape player… a sort of homemade overdub. The demo had the effect I aimed to: horrify the buyer, hahahahahaha! Despite everything the tape was soon sold in 300 copies and many people are still looking for it… Music is an excellent form of propaganda and a perfect way to let our message reach every place. We already surpassed 120 official releases to which we must add some bootleg in circulation (tapes, cdr, patches and t-shirts)… certainly we won’t stop now! The band name has grown enormously in the last two years… the best, as they say, is yet to come. I don’t deny the goal we have is to make the great jump… if you know what I mean…

2) National Socialism, only two words but they hold in themselves a whole universe. Mentioned by many people, most of times with negative sense due to deep ignorance generated by a real deletion of their identity perpetrated over the centuries and a devious history manipulation, when it’s shown in a positive way it’s often ridiculed by the intellectual and spiritual inferiority of those who wrongly think to be the bearers of this sacred Way. What is National Socialism for you and what does it means to embrace this immensity in your life?

National Socialism is everything! And everything turns around National Socialism… time will come in which the figure of the last avatar will be totally revalued and all the lies will be unmasked. Mental and spiritual inferiority of the populace doesn’t touch me… unfortunately we hold in our womb one of the worst enemies! All that jumble of alcoholic fascists and/or Christian nazis, in addition to clearly demonstrate their ignorance, are harmful like weed in a flowered garden… slaves built and artfully manipulated by the markets… human stereotypes based on  Hollywood National Socialism mythology… white power or k.k.k. aren’t things for us. Via Dolorosa doesn’t support any political party of movement… Via Dolorosa has never been and never will be part of any elite club of clowns masked like pandas and/or nostalgic of yore… Via Dolorosa is a changing creature in continued evolution… spiritual avant-garde set to music! We have a worldwide vision of National Socialism and if for you National Socialism is political… don’t cross our path, we have different ideas…

3) The eternal valence of National Socialism is that it represents the Natural Order of things, transposed in human society. You can’t escape from it and the whole universe is ruled by it, it is the only driving force of cosmos, the unbreakable bond through which flow energy and life. Our ancestors naturally followed this path, without the need to give it a specific name because it was the only path to follow for the continuation and development of their race. To follow Nature laws and understand them in their absolute value, to experience Nature as divine manifestation where spirit and matter unite in an unique essence that gives form and substance to the Whole. From this comprehension springs the identification of real human dimension, that is an infinitesimal part of the Whole and in the same time the Whole itself. Do you agree with this vision and what does it means for you to live following the Natural Order?

Let’s start from a real fact, everything in cyclic! Nothing is forever and the forever is nothing… the natural order of things will be sooner or later re-established… it’s nature itself that is claiming it and the miserable human being can’t escape from her will. Everything that goes against this order is only a vulgar abortion against nature… drugs, homosexuality, pedophilia, racial mixing, exploitation of resources and similar things only lead to an impoverishment of the race and to a decay, slow but inexorable, of the world… the cure for salvation is only one. The civilization has been able to develop and progress only because ancient populations lived in harmony with the environment respecting the supreme natural law… We live in an epoch in which many people never saw a hen alive… but only dead on supermarket shelves. I feel an endless contempt mixed with sadness towards these people. Where went the knowledge our forefathers handed down from father to son? Is it possible that in few decades the world changed in so radical way? Whole nations starve in the truest sense of this word… and in other nations we have the opposite problem… tons of rotting food, millions of animals sacrificed for a miserable part of humanity. I refuse any animal exploitation, for food and everything else… at least ancient populations had a deep respect towards the killed prey! It was thanked for the sacrifice, often venerated as a divinity and every part of its body used for the sustenance of the folk. I often read on the social medias the comments of many pseudo-fascists and pseudo-nazis that praise banquets of meat in honor of the Führer… the confusion in these people reaches impressive levels… some of them would also use pork meat as defense weapon against the “Islamic enemy”… According to the last calculations, it seems the end of the Kali Yuga is near… about 2082… I don’t think to have so long life projects, but in my next existence I’ll happily assist to the end of the crooked world.

4) The modern world represents the bottom of the abyss in which our race is fallen. The Aryan identity is lost in favor of a sterile individualism without roots, of an inner dark void in which there isn’t anymore any gleam of the ancestral aurora. In most of cases, man is extremely far from Nature, from that Order told before. He decided to write by himself his own rules, ignoring the world around him but instead going against it in total opposition. He overturned his own story, his cultural and ethnical identity reversed and trampled. Which are for you the main reasons of the actual situation and which is the engine of modern decay? Do you believe that coming back to understand Nature is a way for spiritual and physical rebirth? In which way Via Dolorosa is a weapon against the modern world?

Via Dolorosa is a strong weapon of propaganda… It doesn’t matter to sell or not to sell 100.000 copies for the Nuclear Blast… our last goal is to open the mind of those who still are afraid to use their own eyes. Spiritual rebirth is already happening, day after day there are always more people who ask questions about what’s actually happening… a poor percentage would criticize someone… but are big achievements always made by few people?? What once was will be again, the evoked abyss won’t engulf the light brought by the last avatar.

5) Indoeuropean Tradition and Abrahamic religions: two  extremely opposite worlds. And yet Europe seems to have abandoned its Tradition to accept an alien religion, globalist and suicidal, that destroyed the European identity and now, when books and temples to burn or to destroy are finished, is destroying the European blood. Even among those who call themselves traditionalists and identitary, the religious base is identified in Christianism and it’s an absurd contradiction that clearly shows the inexistent value of those who under a cross, generated by a six-points star, think to have their roots. Via Dolorosa is instead full of pure Hinduism. Among the still practiced religions it’s the one with the oldest roots. From Vedic Tradition to Hinduism: the ancestral religion of the Aryans became a central topic for Via Dolorosa. Could you describe the essence of Hinduism and its relationship with the Aryan identity?  How opposes this ancient Flame to the modern world? Was this direction always present in Via Dolorosa or it added subsequently?

Hinduism is in fact, and not only from a religious/spiritual point of view, what most resembles the splendor of past epochs. The ancestral heritage that comes out from every single syllable of the Vedas or any other text it’s full of a deep and truthful knowledge. Stupid people can consider it a mere and imaginative mythology, but those who are able to understand certain things in it will see, in reality, ancient historical texts… report of a world that exist no more… scientific, philosophical and medical texts… it’s undeniable thousands years ago something that totally upset the order of those civilizations happened… atomic wars in the era of the gods as Zecharia Sitchin would say! Reality is visible to everyone… reawake your spirit, inside of you lies dozing the knowledge. There’s nothing casual, the world is full of pyramids… and not only this planet it seems… it doesn’t matter the world on which our body lives… only the spirit really moves. The Aryan flame is stronger and more alive than how it would apparently seem… the lords of the six-points star (symbol stolen by other cultures as their usual) although have poisoned the world with their lies have partially failed in their aim… is it possible to obscure the Sun?? In summary I can tell you Hinduism has always been present in Via Dolorosa… it was only necessary it completely awakened…

6) Nature, mother raped by her sons. The excessive exploitation of her resources, the serious environmental damages, the trampling of animal rights: with his way of acting, mankind is destroying the planet. National Socialist Germany gave particular importance to the relationship with environment and actively promoted animal rights, dismantling the predominant anthropocentric view and abolishing vivisection. “In the new Reich there will be no place for cruelty against animals” said Hitler. Avant-garde in that sense, in reality we can consider that way of acting as revival of the noble values our race knew in ancient times: past that becomes future is one of the central themes of National Socialism and one of the factors that make it eternal. Greenline Front puts particular attention on this theme: Nature must be absolutely respected and preserved, it isn’t an inferior reign but instead what we should aspire at. Actual situation is intolerable and must be subverted immediately, it isn’t anymore acceptable any animal suffering and environment destruction. What do you think about it and which is your relationship with Nature? How do you see the way of acting Germany had against what was, and actually is, the world? Savitri Devi, Hinduist and animalist/environmentalist, has been one of the main supporters of animal rights: what do you think about her?

If it’s true that man, as evolved animal, comes from nature, nature can’t be considered an inferior reign… the gods that shaped us in their own image and likeness gave us that superior glimmer that bought us to our next evolution… not to a false sense of superiority! Actual situation is unacceptable, wretched, depraved and without any logical sense… like a degenerated son that rapes his mother!!! Nature and the little pureness that remained in the world must be protected at any cost… Germany of that epoch was avant-garde also from this point of view, everything that came after is only a sterile copy done bad and often only for opportunism and fashion of the moment. National Socialism has been the first, true and unique movement that actively and really took care of mother earth. Luckily nowadays there are few but honest realities like Greenline Front, rare exception… Savitri Devi has been and actually is one of my main reference points… it’s almost frightening to know a woman so apparently small had in reality a so high spiritual strength…  her spirit is still alive in all those who fight for a better world.

7) As I told you in our first e-mail, Greenline Front supports a vegetarian or, even better, vegan diet as a way to oppose to animal industry, full of immense suffering and promoter of the destruction of the planet, also raising this diets as a mean of purification and physical-spiritual ascent. Do you, or the other band members, follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? And even if you don’t follow them, do you think they are an important way to fight animal and environmental exploitation?

Personally, after a long period as vegetarian, actually I’m vegan. Our guitarist is “almost” vegan, because occasionally he makes some exceptions (but at least he has the common sense and honesty to not call himself vegan as someone else would do…). The other members follow a normal diet… however they understand and appreciate my point of view… also because otherwise I would kick them out of the band, hahahaha! No, of course I was jocking… the only true freedom left to us is to choose what we want to do even if we are often forced to compromise (at work, to school, etc…) but as far as possible I’ve always preferred to choose! Many times also to follow the most tortuous and full of obstacles road… but National Socialism is made of free thinkers and not of mental/spiritual misanthropes. As you well know in the future plans of the Reich there was the necessity to educate people to a sane and in contact with nature lifestyle, free from any excessive exploitation of resources and with maximum respect towards flora and fauna… first laws against tobacco were invented in Germany during the 30s… and then copied by the rest of the world in more recent times… as I said before, everything is cyclic… time will come in which man will come back in close contact with nature and animals won’t be food sources anymore… spiritual evolution can’t be stopped.

8) Among future perspectives, there’s total economic collapse, strongly supported by personalities like Varg Vikernes and Piero San Giorgio. Modern society, based on not renewable sources, suffocated by overpopulation and caged in ultra-polluted cities made of concrete, would be almost totally smashed by a global economic collapse. This would be, in the end, the way in which Nature restores the order, destroying those who, until now, thought to submit her to their will. Only through total destruction, total regeneration can happen, and in that situation there’s an opportunity of rebirth for our race. Only the best ones will survive, only those who have been able to recover the relationship with Nature, cultivating the land and producing by themselves their food, going away from false and wrong societies, understanding the real consequences of mankind actions and, finally, reuniting with their ancestral believes. Nature is ruthless, natural selection doesn’t accept any mistake or afterthought: generation after generation the race becomes better and is purified  by its defects, through the death of all those aren’t adapted to that purpose. Modern society worships instead the weak and the different ones, promoting an effeminate and devoid of values lifestyle, where the strong and the virtuous is pointed as wrong. The anthropic selection between men is therefore the nemesis of natural selection, creating generation after generation a race always weaker, more degenerated and more deformed. Do you think Nature will really be able to restore the lost equilibrium and order through the economic collapse? Do you agree with its vision of purifying fire that from the actual Kali Yuga will bring the last survivors, the best of the race, to the Satya Yuga?

2082 (about)… the end of this corrupted epoch! The purifying fire born from the end of the Kali Yuga will bring us to a new era of prosperity… billions of people will die during this phase… but what does it matter in the end? The body is only a casing to give material shape to the spirit… only the best ones will go further. If we’ll be worthy we’ll see again in the Satya Yuga.


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