Nikola Tesla - genius and vegetarian

Today, vegetarianism mistakenly perceived as a fad within or associated with Indian beliefs. So there are stereotypes denials weight and r...

Today, vegetarianism mistakenly perceived as a fad within or associated with Indian beliefs. So there are stereotypes denials weight and really want to share them. Especially interesting to see the history of the great men who changed the destiny of our planet who have made a conscious choice giving up meat, which does not prevent them to accomplish great discoveries, to create outstanding masterpieces and become role models for many people.

This article focuses on physics, inventor in the field of electrical engineering and radio engineering, engineer, "the man who invented the twentieth century" - Nikola Tesla. His discoveries formed the basis of modern electronics. Tesla created the first examples of a two-phase alternating current generator and the high-frequency transformer. His work on the wireless transmission of signals over a distance had a great influence on the development of radio; he designed a number of radio-controlled self-propelled machinery, which he called "teleavtomatami" developed radar principle. During his life, Tesla made around 1000 different inventions and discoveries, received nearly 800 patents in various technical fields (electric meter, frequency meter, a number of improvements in the radio equipment, steam turbines, etc..). Nikola Tesla discovered alternating current fluorescent light, wireless energy transfer, built the first electric clock, a turbine engine on solar energy, invented the radio before Marconi and Popov, received a three-phase current before Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, first developed remote management principles, the basics of current treatment of high frequency, demonstrated glow effect "aura" of objects in the late XIX century, now known as the "Kirlian effect" (was patented only in 1949).
Nikola Tesla was a rather eccentric personality - many did not understand him. He often said that he did not belong to the opening and pass through it more than information. Tesla also clearly saw the connection between all living beings in the universe. Being a supporter of the ether theory, he called a kind of "information field" ether, where you can learn everything about the structure of the world.
In the second half of life, Tesla became a vegetarian. In 1900, in the article "Problems of increasing human energy" for Century Illustrated Magazine in connection with an increase in the human mass, he wrote:
"The mass of mankind will be increased by careful attention to healthy, nutritious food, moderation, regulatory traditions, promotion of marriage, conscientious attention to children, compliance with all regulations and laws of religion and hygiene.
Therefore, the main question of the day - how to ensure a good and nutritious food. On general principles of raising livestock of cattle as collateral for undesirable people food agents, as in sense interpreted above, it certainly should lead to add weight to the "lower speed". It is preferable to grow vegetables, and I think that vegetarianism is a worthy departure from the established barbarous habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even mostly not a theory, but a well-demonstrated fact. Many people living almost exclusively on plant foods, have superior physique and strength. There is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, meat is much more economical and superior to it in regard to the mechanical and mental performance. Such food is also definitely less annoying our digestive organs, and making us more contented and sociable, produces countless good. In light of these facts should be taken every effort to end the senseless and cruel killing of animals that is destructive to our morals. To free themselves from animal instincts and desires that drag us down, for a start we should go back to our roots, from which we take the beginning: we must implement a radical reform in the nature of food. "
Nikola Tesla died at the age of 86 in his hotel room in New York. At the moment, the urn with the ashes of the great scientist is in the Belgrade Tesla museum.
We believe that such genius should replace modern scientists materialists who think contrary to Nature. Today, science is on the wrong path, it tends to give a materialist interpretation of the universe; a science brings global puzzle to a simple problem in physics or chemistry, so that as time itself in opposition to Tesla, and why it felt strange. His discovery of the wireless power or engine on solar energy quite fit into our vision of the new world arheofuturistichnogo to which modern man must strive.

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