Paul Gorgulov - revolutionist, poet, ecofascist.

Paul Gorgulov - revolutionist, poet, ecofascist. Paul Gorgulov was born in 1895 in the Kuban Cossack family. He received a medical degre...

Paul Gorgulov - revolutionist, poet, ecofascist.

Paul Gorgulov was born in 1895 in the Kuban Cossack family. He received a medical degree, participated in the First World War and then in resistance, in the uprisings in the Crimea and the Kuban region, as well as in Minsk under the famous Social - Revolutionary Boris Savinkov. Fleeing from the red terror, Gorgulov moves to the Czech Republic, works as a doctor and writes novels. In the Czech Republic Gorgulov creates a "peasant (farming) All-Russia People's Party of the Greens." Then, trying to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, he moves to Paris. Gorgulov did not get a place in the Legion. Instead, he met with the editor of a Russian emigrant newspaper "Nabat", with Yakovlev, with whom they, carried away by the ideas of Hitler and Mussolini, spend Sunday debates in cafe Bilyankura talking about Russian nationalism. Ways of Gorgulov and Yakovlev have separated and Gorgulov formulates his own ideology - "naturalism", the essence of which is the idea of the depravity of modern Western civilization, full of the spirit of the Jewish materialism and greed and the pursuit of return to nature, to the simple life of peasant and Cossack communities. To rational West Gorgulov opposes Russian "barbarism" and "savagery", seeing them as the original primitive "animal" beauty. In fact, his "naturalism" is an eco-centric anti-urban philosophy, and Gorgulov is the first Russian ecofascist!
In 1931 Gorgulov published political pamphlet "The Peasant" in French, which describes his vision of the Russian national state without communism, capitalism and monarchy.
May 6, 1932 Gorgulov goes to the book fair of veterans of World War I in the House of Solomon Rothschild and with a shot from the "browning" kills the French president Paul Doumer, who came to the opening,. The police beats Gorgulov, and he shouts his most famous slogan - "a violet will win over machine!".
A violet will win over machine- is the belief that the forest will win over the city, barbarism will win over civilization, nature will win over the technique.
During interrogations Gorgulov explained that he killed Doumer for connivance of the Bolsheviks and the desire to help Russian people to throw off the yoke of red from their shoulders. But against the president himself, he had nothing bad to say. In addition, he stated to say he wanted to shoot Lenin, although at that time Lenin had long been dead. Bolshevik power was to Gorgulov the same antipode as Russian barbarian spirit, and as the western world. However, the murder of Paul Doumer, mathematician by education and financier by profession, carries the symbolism of the green - it was a shot in a full engine of technocratic capitalist civilization.
Here is his motivation with irony (however, quite accurately) described in the article about the incident: "In general, Dumer still irritated him as a scientist, as a representative of the exact sciences. A soulless machine crushed a violet. Modern science is doing violence to nature, back to the woods.... .. Vengeance to the machine! Free the violet! World must be freed! Viva green fascism! We will win! President has nothing to do with it. But it was necessary to kill him. He is a symbol. Now the symbol is destroyed! The green program will be continued until the end .... "

Before his execution by guillotine, Gorgulov told the priest that remains faithful to the Russian peasantry, and hopes that his future son will not grow a communist.

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