Interview a leader of "North Resistance" Simon Lindberg (Nordfront, Sweden)

Greenline Front from Belarus a  chance to  interview  a leader of "North Resistance" Simon Lindberg (Nordfront, Sweden) 1. Hel...

Greenline Front from Belarus a chance to interview a leader of "North Resistance" Simon Lindberg (Nordfront, Sweden)

1. Hello, please, introduce yourself to our audience and tell us what is Northern Resistance?

Hello, my name is Simon Lindberg and I live in south of Sweden. At the meantime, I am the leader of Nothern Resistance. It is militant national-socialistic organisation, which works recognised by law and government, and outside of that matter as well. For the meantime, our organisation is active in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This way, it is a biggest Northern European organisation, which acts in these countries it is represented. Also, we have our website,, which is being visited by more than 100 000 persons monthly. Site is being updated regularly, with news articles and other information of resistance action.

2. Sweden's national colors are yellow and blue, so why did Northern Movement choose specifically green colour and what does your symbolic mean?

The issue is that we aren't specifically interested in classical, say, ''bourjeois" nationalism. Race for us is more important rather than state borders. One of our goals is Norther Europe unification, as we do think as this union is the only true geopolitical decision for survival of our nations.
Green colour is the colour of Nature and National-socialistic way of perception, which is all about guard Nature. National-socialism is biological point of view and perception, which goes together with Nature.
"Tir" rune, which is represented on our flag, is the Rune of the Warrior, which reflects will to the victory, mankind, self-sacrifice and nobility. These are the characters our organisation is described by, and our members are willing to achieve this.

3. So if the green colour on your flag means Nature, are there any options in NR statements bound with Nature protection?

In our political program (programme) we describe ourselves as the only ecological organistaion as we are the only who acts for multiformity of all kinds of creatures including people. Different sort of left-green organisations are keen on opening the borders, therefore, they are acting for race mixup, which, without any doubts, will lead to White Race's death.
As an example, below, please find several excerpts from our programme "Our way":
- Defend rare local kinds which are degrading in amount due to anthropological impact
- Improve Swedish law regarding animal protection; implement more restrictive laws of farming, describing conditions of pets and wild animals;

- Children should be taught of respect to the Nature from the cradle; they must grow as defenders rather than parasites of the Nature;
- Stop exploit and exhaust northern woods. In a healthy society, woods and other Nature resources must be used wisely to keep the natural balance
- Fight against industrialisation of agriculture and animal husbandry; explicitly deny GMOs, chemical fertilizers and pesticides."

4. Are there any actions taken by NR members which are bound with Nature and Animal protection? Can you shortly describe some of them?

Of course, we should give more attention to actions in that direction. For example, I can describe, when NR members in all its countries came to clean forests of thrash and garbage. After this clean-up, we left signs and plaques warnings. Thrash bags were left by famous politicians houses, which, as we think, are guilty of that our country is full of thrash and garbage.
Thrash bags were left by famous politicians houses, which, as we think, are guilty of that our country is full of thrash, garbage and misfits.

5. Please, say some words to our audience if possible.

Be organised and struggle against of all that madness, let every of your days be a day of struggle against world's "elite", zionistic "elite"

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