Christopher Thomas Knight

Christopher Thomas Knight, an American, who was arrested in 2013, known as "ghost Nord Pond", had spent in the forests of Maine ...

Christopher Thomas Knight, an American, who was arrested in 2013, known as "ghost Nord Pond", had spent in the forests of Maine 27 years. Knight left the people society in age of 19 years in 1986, The impetus was the Chernobyl disaster. Almost 30 years in reclusion Knight spent in forests, getting food and everything necessary breaking houses of local people in their absence. All this time, the state's people lived in fear of the mysterious burglar, which took away their food, gas, clothing and tools. It became possible to catch Knight after installation of a children's camp in Pine Tree, where he used to appear. Confiscated property of Knight took two police pickup truck.
Local people breathed freely when Knight was caught, but some admired: "It’s hard even to imagine that this guy lived there for 27 years. It’s hardly possible with such stern winters in that part of country."
Beard, old glasses, a new jacket "Columbia", with pockets full of candies, hiking boot - so he looked before the arrest. During the interrogation it was hard to Night speak because he almost forgot how to do it, but when he finally was able to, he said that the only person with whom he had a talk for 27 years was a random passerby in the forest in the 90s.
- "What did you say him?"
- "Hello"
According to Knight, it was his only word during this time.
Later, Knight, of course, give more than one interview. He said that it was extremely unpleasant to take someone else's property, but it was the only way.
When he was asked what are his thoughts about modern society, he answered that "it is too loud, too bright. Not aesthetic. Rigid. Cruel and petty."
Very interesting are his reasoning about complete fusion with nature, becoming a part of a single organism: "When there was no one there, when there was no one in front of whom I had to pretend, I don’t need to self labeling. I became insignificant. The moon was like a minute hand to me, the seasons like a hour hand. I didn’t have even a name. I’ve never felt lonely. To put it romantically, I was completely free. "
The court sentenced the hermit to 5 years in prison. We can imagine how is it painful for a man, who accustomed to be among trees. It can be compared with a wild animal, placed in a cage at the zoo. According to Knight "months in prison are longer than a decade in the woods." Exactly in the forest Knight planned to die. But it’s possible, that everything isn’t lost ...

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