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Recently on Youtube channel ThuleanPerspective (Varg Vikernes blog) published two rather dubious Varg's videos about veganism and ecol...

Recently on Youtube channel ThuleanPerspective (Varg Vikernes blog) published two rather dubious Varg's videos about veganism and ecology, in our opinion Varg has absolutely no jurisdiction in this matter, but since it has authority in some circles of comrades , we would like to dispel some of the myths :

1. "I'm going to show you what farming and modern agriculture makes to our land. We often hear about how vegans and vegetarians say that we could easily feed more people, if we would stop eating meat eating only vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. Unfortunately, they failed to take into account the fact that modern agriculture is a disaster for the diversity of nature, for most of the soil and, in the end, it's a disaster for mankind. "

There is some truth in regards to the fact that industrial agriculture depletes the soil. We have repeatedly written about its harmful effects on the environment. What Varg says is true: monoculture is harmful to the soil, cultivation of monocultures aren't natural, this doesn't exist in nature. If we grow only monoculture then soil loses all nutrients, so farmers have to cultivate plants with pesticides and other chemicals in order to make the plants resistant to environmental influences and provide the necessary nutrients for their growth. These chemicals are harmful to both humans and nature, because they tend to accumulate and be assimilated in the body and so settle in the soil, further penetrating into the water in the ground. It is known that after the Second World War, the use of pesticides and insecticides acquired an industrial scale and has been called harmless to humans opened the possibility of a large-scale agriculture but the science is moving forward and soon scientists have found that such DDT- insecticide could also be used against mosquitoes, cotton pests, soybean, peanut. One of the few truly effective anti-locust is able to accumulate in the body of animals and humans. Especially it has detrimental effect on breeding birds (accumulated in the egg shell). It has been suggested that the main harm to mammals and birds does not come from DDT itself and impurities (mainly dioxins), arising from its industrial production. DDT is highly resistant to decomposition: there are no critical temperature, or enzymes involved in the neutralization of foreign substances, nor the light isn't able to exert on the process of decomposition of DDT any noticeable effect. As a result, getting into the environment, DDT, anyway, enters the food chain. Referring therein DDT accumulates in significant quantities in plants first, then in animals and finally in the human body. Thus, the DDT accumulate in living organisms has toxic effects on them, the strength varies depending on the concentration of DDT in vivo.

That's just not here as such due to veganism. Therefore, it should be noted that livestock operates 30% of the surface of the planet and 70% of agricultural land. The large-scale breeding of animals for meat industry leads to deforestation for new pastures. The consequence of this is also a devastating large-scale depletion of soil resources, the increase of agricultural land unsuitable for use. The reasons for the depletion of the earth are: compaction and soil erosion caused by excessive overgrazing by animals. It takes from 20 to 40 thousand liters of water to produce one kilogram of beef, and approximately 900 liters to produce one kilogram of wheat. More than 8 percent of the water used by mankind, falls on the share of livestock in which water is used mainly for irrigation of feed crops. Summing a conclusion it is clear that any growing cultures could use less water and more soil for their production thereby wasting precious grains to feed livestock. But there is also an open question on the use of chemicals because of hunger behind it and for the wrong allocation of resources.

2. "And when you plow the field, you destroy all the useful elements in the soil (you also kill earthworms, rodents, etc., who live there, and that supply the soil with oxygen)."

This is obvious, but why Varg does not think about the poor animals killed in slaughterhouses? They also suffer. It is absurd to reduce everything only to veganism. After all, being a meat-eater Varg has not ceased to have wheat.
Industrial agriculture is harmful, regardless of your diet. Therefore GLF stands on positions of permaculture which is the cultivation of the land in accordance with the laws of nature, what was not written only once ( In this case is inappropriate to point fingers, it is necessary to transform the economy so as to preserve and enhance the natural resources rather than destroying them, as is happening now everywhere!

3. "If you want a nice, comfortable place in the wilderness - you need the wood. (Wood - the natural habitat of the white man)."

But, unfortunately, from our forests there will be soon nothing left, and this not only because of the industrial cutting. The fact is that an enormous amount of forest are destroyed by grazing cattle.
As an example, I would like to bring Tatra Reserve. In Europe, almost no places are untouched by man, but still wild nature is reborn in those places where it managed to ruin. One of these places is the Silent Valley in the Slovak mounts Tatras. As few as 60 years ago, instead of the wild goats and deer on the slopes of a quiet valley grazing livestock herds. Vast forests have been cut down or burned. In the Tatra National Park, there were left only 2 bears and wolves were exterminated. The reserve recovery took years.
If you want a nice, comfortable place in the wild then contribute to the restoration of forests and not destroy them.

4. "We are omnivores, and even if we take into account the environment, the human desire to become a herbivoreis very destructive (for themselves and for the environment), and selfish."

As for the type of human food we could argue for a long time, but this post is dedicated to the environment. And we would like to understand what is the selfishness of vegans?
Perhaps for the logic of Varg, fields are sown exclusively for the benefit of vegans to grow plant foods that is utter nonsense, because most of the agricultural fields are for feeding livestock.

Selfish and destructive is just after the killing of animals because of their whims, and not out of necessity. Animals are kept in hellish conditions, they are stuffed with various additives, they will never see the light, and all this for the sake of short-term satisfaction of human taste buds. Incidentally, Varg is aware of this situation and even spoke with criticism about it ( Varg is very fond of talking about the ancestors and who are Europeans, but this dismissive attitude is by no means peculiar to our pagan ancestors, even if they ate meat.

Varg second video, which was released later is even more than adequate. Although there is also a claim for Industrial agriculture being somehow imposed by vegans, while meat and dairy industry indeed are the main destroyer of soils and forests. Varg said that someone wants use veganism to feed the entire world. So, we have no such desire. We are talking about the Europeans, their feed is quite real. All these ideas about "humanity" are alien to us. That, however, does not negate the fact that the planet's resources are distributed quite unevenly. As for the last sayings Varga about Permaculture, so it is time we fully support.

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