Nordic vegetarianism of H. Wirth

Nordic vegetarianism of  H. Wirth At the beginning of the  20th century, the problem of the relationship between a man and nature has ...

Nordic vegetarianism of  H. Wirth

At the beginning of the  20th century, the problem of the relationship between a man and nature has been extremely relevant, because of the feeling of impending new mechanized urban world. Of course, various neo-pagan formations were particularly worried about this situation. In Germany it was "fölkishe" - people who are for a return to a more natural way of life of a human, to the ground.
Dutch scientist and occultist Herman Wirth, who in his 20 years moved in Germany, was of use. Wirth was the first head of the "Ahnenerbe" (the name of the organization was taken from Wirth’s Munich historical exhibition ). According to his theory,  the origins of mankind are situated in the North of the Earth,  in the so-called Arctogaea, which, while  being populated by powerful men, had a mild warm climate. And that changes of natural conditions, forced its inhabitants to scatter the rest of the globe and give a start to races and nations. It is interesting, that powerful men of Arctogaea according to Wirth were vegetarians. With fertile soil and generous warmth of the sun, they didn’t need, and even didn’t think about killing animals for food. Thus, meat-eating is a consequence of a climate change that swept the planet, and mixing with the bestial races, which migrating people of Arctogaea met in the south. According to Wirth, the entire Nordic tradition has been distorted, perverted and desacralized by racially impure descendants of the  men of Arctogaea - religion, art, language, human relations, including relations to nature and animals.

Wirth followed the system of nutrition, which he called "nordic vegetarianism", thus turning the Wheel of Time back to the ancestors of the Aryan race, where there was no place for decline and degradation. It is worth mentioning, that these views are also shared by another famous vegetarian, Richard Wagner, who directly influenced Adolf Hitler's vegetarianism.
Herman Wirth also participated in the environmental education of the European youth, created an organization "Landbond der Dietsche Trekvogels" in the Netherlands - German analogue of the "Birds of Passage" ( "Wandervoegel"), where young men and women cultivated a love for the native land, nature and folk traditions.

In "The Golden Chain" Miguel Serrano describes the state of Wirth at the time of his writings:

"Professor Wirth is  94 years old, he has an amazing memory, and he has just amazing mobility for his age. He knows and speaks more than 8 languages, including Sanskrit, Arabic and, of course, Greek. He considers the runes  to be only  fragments of the original, disappeared language. He says that he has a good health only thanks to his vegetarian lifestyle and thanks to eating  plant food. "

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