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Our confederate, German NS singer, Jan Peter had a lot of concert in Russia lately. He managed to get acceptance and love of the Russian au...

Our confederate, German NS singer, Jan Peter had a lot of concert in Russia lately. He managed to get acceptance and love of the Russian audience. But a few people know, that Jan is a vegetarian and has a strong position concerning  ecological problems and animals’ protection. To ecological theme are devoted such songs as "Alea iacta est (Die Wurfel sind gefallen)" and "Bestie Mensch" (Projekt Vril).

Jan shared his thoughts with us:

GLF: How long you don’t eat meat?

Jan: About  7 years ago I had began to think about stop eating meat and fish. The first step was my decision to buy meat only from local farmers. Afterwards, unfortunately, I hadn’t return to this question for a long time. But finally I had the same thoughts and I began to eat meat once per week on purpose to wean myself. Soon I have fully refused to eat any meat. It’s already a year and a half as I don’t eat meat and fish and try to eat less dairy. I buy eggs only from farmers. The cause is, surely, ethical. People call themselves a crown of creation, but at the same time they exploit animals. I believe, if we want to be on a higher level than animals are, we should take responsibility for them. As a national-socialist I believe in a world, where won’t be a place for exploitation of people (excluding cases of punishment) and animals.

GLF: How long are you in Moscow and what do you do here?

Jan: I’ve arrived in Moscow in the end of December and will be here till the end of this month. Generally, trips to Moscow  are opportunities for me to have a rest, spend a good time with my friends and improve my skill in Russian language. And, surely, it’s an opportunity to give a few concerts.

GLF: What do you like in Russia most of all?

Jan: I like people’s mentality. As a rule, Russians are more friendly than Germans. And, of course, I’m very interested in Russian culture. I like to visit museums and seesighting.
GLF: A lot of national-socialists ignore environmental problems. What  about this situation in Germany?

Jan: Unfortunately, Germans ignore these problems too. It’s a pity, that these problems are given for ultraleftist and communists. Looking at environmental protection problems in Germany we see, that the first and the most important laws were adopted by Hitler soon after his rising to power. Current nationalists don’t care. Possibly the reason is that a lot of them don’t want to find out the past of national-social movement. It’s a shame. And, of course, in German mass media one cannot find any information about animals’ protection in the Third Reich.

GLF: Your music is connected with ecological theme. Do you think that your songs, such as "Alea iacta est (Die Wurfel sind gefallen)" persuade  your fans to think about this problems?
Jan: I hope that it’s true. But just to think isn’t enough. We have to do something. When I see all these people, who have decadent life, litter on the streets, waste natural resources and etc. I ask myself: what is wrong with this world? We always talk about industrial criminals, but we seldom do something on our own to change something.

GLF: What are you working at now? When will we see your new album?

Jan: The latest release was a few weeks ago. Now I’m going to make a three-way split with my friend Barney and his group “Blutbanner”. But when it will be possible, we will see.

GLF: Jan, thank you for this conversation. We wish you good luck. We are looking forward to your new songs and performances.

Jan: Thank you for interesting questions.

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