Savitri Devi "Impeachment of a man"

We-who are racialists, and remain so in defiance of savage persecutions -proclaim, thanks precisely to our faith in divine order and hiera...

We-who are racialists, and remain so in defiance of savage persecutions -proclaim, thanks precisely to our faith in divine order and hierarchy, the brotherhood of all living creatures on the sole ground that they are alive-products, at different degrees of evolution, of the play of that selfsame immanent Energy that created the greatest ones among us, children of the One, life giving Sun, glad to see His light and to feel His warmth, like ourselves-and like him who once made the joy of life the center of a rational religion of worldwide scope, if not, unfortunately, of worldwide fame.

 And we believe that, as long as man refuses to feel his duties towards the whole of living creation and even tries to justify his reluctance to fulfil them, he will remain nothing more than the most efficient animal on earth- an animal that might dominate others and use them for its own ends more systematically and more ruthlessly than any species of the jungle can do, but whose emotional horizon is as narrow, and whose purpose is as selfish as that of any gregarious beast. 

Cleverer, we admit, than bees or ants, wild elephants or migratory birds; more cunning than the most socially-minded monkeys; but prompted to action, at the most, by the interest of its species -by love for its own kind and no more; an animal that can create gods, but in its own image-like the "Great Horse in heaven" which horses worship, if there be any truth in one of Anatole France's most charming tales, an animal that lies to itself and pretends that its God made it, and it alone, in his own likeness a thing that the malicious apes would surely assert also on behalf of their species, with a little extra intelligence and a much greater supply of perversity than that which granted them. 

Yes, man is potentially reasonable. But, up till now he has put his reason to the service of the selfsame purpose as any gregarious animal would have pursued in his place: the welfare of his own species, and nothing more And it is precisely in the capacity of a few men to go beyond that ideal, instead of justifying it and exalting it in its limitations; it is the capacity of an élite to transcend that sort of fellow feeling restricted to two-legged mammals, and to struggle for the welfare of other species as well as, and sometimes more than, their own; it is in the readiness of the truly better human beings to love creatures of a different size and of a different shape as themselves, and sometimes more than themselves, that we see the real superiority of man. 

That superiority has never yet asserted itself on a broad scale. But some inconspicuous  people, whom one meets here and there, tend to prove it. And it shines  in all its glory from time to time, in handfuls of inspired men, founders or active followers of life-centered religions or philosophies, conscious of and consistent with the principles of eternal truth and real love.

Excerpts from :Joyous wisdom, " Impeachment of man "
Savitri Devi

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