Drizzatorti`s interview for GreenLine Front

Drizzatori’s frontman Sandro answered the questions. These questions were asked last autumn after the “Hardcore Attack 3” show in Lvov, bu...

Drizzatori’s frontman Sandro answered the questions. These questions were asked last autumn after the “Hardcore Attack 3” show in Lvov, but we got the answer only now.

GLF: Salute! What do you think about the concert in Lvov?
Sandro: Salute! First of all I’d like to apologize cause I send my answers too late and because I’m writing to you in my mother tongue not in English(it would take even more time). The show in Lvov was wonderful-it became a symbol of our tour. Our guide Slavik supported and endured us a lot and he even sometimes imposed his help in a manic way. We’ll thank him for all he’s done. The atmosphere was really fantastic and it helped me to feel something that I’ve never felt before – the feeling of the first wave of American hardcore with a highlighted Boston character about which I only read in special magazines. Such things pleased me a lot.
GLF: We know that you are vegetarians. What influenced you to make such a choice?
Sandro: The main thing is that feeling which I got after seeing animals being slaughtered. From that time I decided to stop being a reason of ruthless animal exploitation. It seems to me that people never think that animals are not things and people’s everyday meat meals may be the most awful part of today’s death industry.

GLF: Is someone of you a part of "La Foresta Che Avanza"? (eco-side of “Casa Pound”)
Sandro: All of us participate in FCA initiatives including a point that  "La Foresta Che Avanza" is a part of "Casa Pound Italian" (organization for promotion social initiatives)

GLF: What do you think about help in shelters? We need to feed them with the meat of other animals.

Sandro: I don’t find anything reprehensible in giving a slice of meat to a dog or cat.

GLF: “Hate For Breakfast” have a song in which vivisection is condemned. Do you see any alternative for using animals in “scientific tests”?

Sandro: Yes, of course. Use of animals in “scientific studies” is no more than a massive falsification from the pharmaceutical companies. Serious scientific researches can’t be based on the idea of ferociousness named vivisection and can’t improve people’s existence.

GLF: Does anyone go in for sports? How
do you combine vegetarianism and physical stress?

Sandro: Two of us go in for martial arts (MMA,boxing) and your diet does not affect negative on our personal sport results.
GLF: Nowadays nationalistic parties became popular in Europe but the situation doesn’t change. What should happen so that something will change?

Sandro: Obviously, it’s revolution.

GLF: Are you going to come in Russia soon?

Sandro: Yes, as you know, we’re trying to reborn as “Hate For Breakfast” and in 2016 we’ll come back with the new album (as we announced in our last work “Squadrismo Hardcore”). We would like to come back in Russia to give more concerts. Our experience there was positive as it was in Lvov too and I even can say that there were the best shows ever. 

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